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Exhibitor List (2016 November)

Booth Exhibitors Tel. (+82) Website Exhibit Classification
A01 People N Company Co.,Ltd 031-976-7766 www.peoplen.com MAURO,Zuke's,RELIQ,Tear Stain,Three Dog Bakery,MODERNA,HELLO KITTY Distributor
A02 StikTiles 070-4495-1286 www.odorkontrol.co.kr STIKTILES Distributor
A03 bowwowkorea 051-266-8082 bowwowkr.com bowwow Manufacturer
A04 JAION Co., Ltd. 1666-4911 www.jaion.co.kr Magnetized Multi Ion Showerhead Both
A05 PHOTOJUNG 031-859-9296 www.photojung.com Pet Necklace Both
A06 pethug 010-6595-1945 storefarm.naver.com/pethug handmaed petfood Distributor
A07 SHINKISA Corp. 02-550-3449 www.shinkisa.co.kr/ ProDen PlaqueOff Distributor
A08 WiNKY NEWYORK 1833-8229 http://winky.co.kr wear Both
A09 SIMOTECH 1899-3876 www.simoshop.kr Pet Healing Shower Head Both
A11 DH Distribution 02-6203-7679 - wegon Distributor
A12 NEURX.,CO.LTD 031-786-1944 www.neurx.co.kr neurx Distributor
A13 WISE PET 02-3401-7171 wisepet.kr PUPPY WAGON STROLLER Both
A14 OCEAN CO., LTD  070-5015-2607 www.오션.com  Feed Both
A15 COSTCO KOREA 1899-9900 www.costco.co.kr Dogs mixed feeds, cat's sand etc. Both
B01 IZUKOREA 1577-3516 www.vuum.co.kr petdryroom Both
B02 pet&dream  031-796-5569 www.petndream.com/ Schesir Distributor
B03 minuvet 031-358-2860 www.minuvet.co.kr YAMMI Both
B04 White Cmille 070-4210-7715 whitecmille.com Designers Pet Jewelry Manufacturer
B05 PETTOMAM 070-7638-0028 www.pettomam.com handmade accessory Both
B06 MISSARKBIO. Co., Ltd 070-8863-7542 www.missark.com nutri care plus Both
B07 CHO&KANG 070-7566-5956 Happydogandkitty.modoo.at/ snacks and supplements Manufacturer
B08 SAMSHIN E&B 02-777-4741 www.samshineb.co.kr Home Camera Distributor
B09 FUR SITTER 010-9204-1548 www.fursitter.com dry room Both
B10 KOONAENT CO.,LTD. 02-6204-0079 www.koonaent.com HYPONIC Both
B11 COCOAHONEY 070-8658-1400 www.cocoahoney.kr cocoahoney Both
B12 insidedog 070-8157-7478 inside-dog.com cushion_tube Both
B13 GLC KOREA 02-744-2683 www.petesthe.co.kr PetEsthé Distributor
B14 10pple 070-7755-6788 www.broadp.com Hugme Manufacturer
B16 LovelyBlo 1800-3759 www.LovelyBlo.co.kr dog's wear,cat's wear,collar,harness Both
B17 PET&COOK 010-3800-6754 petncook.com Handmade snack. Both
B18 foodyworm 02-557-4588 www.foodyworm.com Dried FoodyWorm(pet food) Both
B19 Dayeon korea 010-4430-5267 www.dayeon.co.kr Smoked octopus Distributor
B20 Daisy 010-2287-1484 www.daisy-pet.com fashion Both
B21 Puppy Gallery 010-9320-6789 www.puppygallery.co.kr Clothing Harness Both
B22 Bantique 031-761-6754 cheoljangi.com bad, artition and other Manufacturer
B23 Ko One 070-4154-1337 koone.co.kr u-pet Distributor
B24 Bandiya 02-6391-6680 www.paxpeace.com PET Name Plate Both
B25 JJGLOBAL 02-1833-6609 ch.kakao.com/channels/@ani888 PET STORY Distributor
B26 PET AROMA & PET MASSAGE & PET FOOD 02-420-6377 www.petaroma.co.kr/ pet aromatherapy Both
B27 Dogs Wish 070-8895-9204 www.dogswish.co.kr Pet Furniture Both
B28 Natural Core 031-711-0595 www.naturalcore.co.kr Organic Pet Food Distributor
C01 FLOT 0507-1412-1292
clothes, accessories Both
C02 KOREA PET PRODUCT INSTITUTE 070-8722-8335 www.k-ppi.com pianissimo Both
C03 DearCat 032-204-1900 storefarm.naver.com/dearcat cat furniture Both
C04 petcome 031-352-9387 www.petcome.co.kr Flexi Both
C05 Petglobiz 070-7018-0009 www.thepuppia.com Pet Product Both
C06 A-TECH 032-565-0960 www.akitz.co.kr scissors Both
C07 MONG'S BANHADA 070-7762-4911 mongsbanhada.com Clothing imports / Accessories Both
C08   goldtree 010-7589-5363 - Carrier Distributor
C09 IGBEST.CO.LTD 02-412-2520 www.badoogi.co.kr badoogi pet dryroom Both
C10 AMY LOVES PET 02-548-1245 www.amylovespet.co.kr/ pet goods Both
C11 pdland 010-8925-4113 nys972.blog.me/ pet accessories Both
C12 Department of Companion Animal,
Seoul Hoseo Technical College
02-3660-0230 shoseo.ac.kr Animal Both
C13 DogbeingKorea 02-6449-4862 www.dogbeing.co.kr yu Pets Shampoo Distributor
C14 Tera Korea 070-4384-5621 www.teratera.co.kr mobile charging cable Both
C15 Somakoreadeco.,Co.Ltd 031-404-6786 www.anytox.com PETTOXCHA Both
C17 FIRSTCO  CO  INC 010-3729-9912 www.firstco.co.kr cat funiture/pet care Both
C19 SOGADONG 031-844-7005 www.sogadong.co.kr wood furniture for pet Manufacturer
C20 Royal Guest Unique 1599-3753 www.rgu.co.kr/ Cat tower Both
D06 nurybebe 031-434-6424 www.cozyhip.com carrier Manufacturer
D07 GZ communication / Monthly Magazine_GZ 02-2057-9273 www.ipetnews.co.kr Mothly Magazine Others
D08 Alexssio 02-511-6176 Alexssio..om Ac Both
D09 goldtree 010-7589-5363 - petcar Distributor
D10 Elanco 02-553-0304 www.elanco.kr/ surolan,surosolve,panoramis Distributor
D11 Association of Korea Pet Product Export 02-359-3853 www.akppe.org/ - Others
D12 pethous 031-8017-0150 www.pethous.co.kr House, coushion, supplies Manufacturer
D13 PUPPY ZZANG 02-382-8576 www.puppyzzang.com dog dress&accessory Both
D16 TAECHO 010-8808-6660 www.엄마손크리너.com perfact hand cleaner Both
D17 MannerPet Co., Ltd. 1588-7671 www.mannerpet.com Automatic excretion disposal machine Manufacturer
D18 Thehagi 010-7441-3348 thehagi-do.com Pet furniture Both
E01 Eun Sung M Tech 070-4756-7510 www.sasha-pet.com pet-house Both
E02 Gachon Univ. Gil Medical Center 010-2639-1253 gilhospital.com Allergy skin test for pet allergy Distributor
E03 OK ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. 051-505-5562 www.petpoita.com Bowel movement for dog handling of an envelope Distributor
E04 PROMISE 010-4232-8886 storefarm.naver.com/petvely PROMISE Distributor
E05 OHDOG 1544-3728 ohdog.co.kr OHDOG HANDMADE FOOD Both
E06 PETPICK 010-9999-5565 www.petpick.net PETPICK Both
E07 MIDEUM CO.,LTD 031-883-0989 - collagen and other Both
E08 hasungesis 02-852-6831 www.hasungi.com CLIPPERS, DRYER, SCISSORS Both
E09 Animal Doctor 010-6218-1491 www.animaldoctor.co.kr News Paper 'GAEWON', Dental Box Distributor
E10 royaldog 02-6405-0243 royaldog.co.kr/ pet dog supplies Both
E11 Homecare Co.,Ltd 031-767-7035 www.petstler.com Petstler Distributor
E12 animal magazine 02-6343-7946 www.animalmagazine.co.kr AnimalMagazine, PetStyleBook, PetStory Both
E13 Dog BeBe 010-3633-6563 Dog BeBe.com Bad bag fsshion Both
E14 HANASAN Co.,LTD 031-943-8897 www.luxypet.com pet furniture Both
E15 RHYTHMOS 070-8777-7442 rhythmos.co.kr PET FURNITURE Both
E16 wangzzang 02-923-1909 www.wnagzzang.o.kr home made food Manufacturer
E17 dogplex 070-4686-1592 dogplex.co.kr dicehouse Both
E18 Pethod 070-7788-1006 www.pethod.co.kr The Through Manufacturer
E19 DOGTOC 031-313-7664 www.dogtoc.com DOGTOC dog's lift toilet Manufacturer
E20 RollyDog 010-3440-9474 www.rollydog.com dog clothes Both
E21 RAUFARMBIO 1661-9413 www.e-formypet.com Wet dog food,Pet snacks Both
E22 IoTEC Co.,Ltd 02-6672-0400 www,iotec.kr IoT Smart Auto Feeder & Camera Manufacturer
E23 Dogtimes&Nanumvirus 02-418-9906
www.nanumvirus.com FC-ONE Both
E24 maumi bazaar 02-3445-0242 allwinn.co.kr bazaar Both
E25 bonito&bonita 02-742-6595 www.diny.co.kr dog's wear,acc Manufacturer
E26 CRAZYCATLADY 010-4933-0402 storefarm.naver.com/crazycatlady cat toys, accessaries, living goods Both
E27 koreadognews 1566-5663 www.koreadognews.co.kr/ Dog news Media
F20 Marksign Homeware 86-574-87398051 www.organize-them.com pet travel products Manufacturer
F21 Zhaoyuan Bondhot Sanitary Products 86-535-8117588 WWW.BONDHOT.COM.CN BABY NUSING PAD, MEDICAL PAD, PET PAD Manufacturer
F22 Weifang Paidi Pet Food Stuffs  86-536-4933656 www.weifangpaidi.cn Pet food Manufacturer
F23 Jiangxi Sencen Hygienic Products  86-792-2831935 www.cnsencen.com Pet glooming products, Pet pads, Wipes, Deodorizing spray
F25 Wuxi Mnc Pet Product 86-510-82328862
www.mncpet.com dog leash, harness, cloth, life jacket, rain coat, bed,running belt, other pet accessories Manufacturer
F26 Singen Animal Health Industry 886-4-2463-5533 www.singen.com.tw/ pet nutrition, pet food,veterinary medicine Manufacturer
F27 Double Pets International 886-9-5831-8971 www.doublepets.com PF-102, PF-105, UWAP2, CSB-10, CSB-18 Manufacturer
F28 Wow Pet Shop 852-9410-3030 www.facebook.com/wowcollar Amber Crown Anti Flea & Tick Colllar, Premium Pet Toy Distributor
F30 Changzhou Joy Pet Supplies 86-133-72261189 - pet  dryer,pet  table,pet  rail Both
F31 YML Group 1-626-442-4975 www.ymlgroup.com  Pet cages Manufacturer
F33 Real Power Nutrition 886-2-2711-7000 www.realnature.com.tw Real Nature Holistice Dog Food Manufacturer
F34 Yantai Meiyi Sanitary Products 053-812-6011 - Dog pad Manufacturer
F35 Jiaxing Selak Sanitary Wares Technology 86-573-85098999 www.jxselak.cn pet bathtub Manufacturer
F36 2017 Pet Fair Asia 010-8711-0006 www.petfairasia.com Shanghai Laregest Pet Show Others