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Title The 32th Korea Pet Show 2022
Date October 14-16
Time Fri/Sat : 10AM ~ 6PM (Ticket box will be close at 5:30pm.)
Sun : 10AM ~ 5PM (Ticket box will be closed at 4:30pm.)
Venue aT Center, Yangjae, Seoul
Scale 3,793㎡ (100 exhibitors, 200 booths)
Organized by
Exhibit Items Pet Food

foods(organic/homemade/general), snacks, treat, handmade treat, beverage​

house, carrier, mat, stroller, wagon, bowl
bath/sanitary product, IoT, security, smart appliance, smart toy, training, dog tag
App, block chin, shopping mall, hotel, cafe, pet taxi, pet funeral, pet college, NFC dog tag, insurance etc.
cloth, accessary, beauty shop, beauty supplies
Veterinary Product
animal hospital, medicine, medical equipment